Self Care Fall Collection

Self Care Fall Collection

Self Care Collection. Heavy on the Self Care, this Fall.

The Self Care Collection was created specifically to put emphasis on loving yourself. 

Going into Fall/Winter, depression, and other mental health rises. It's cold outside, people aren't doing many outdoor activities, we're still in a pandemic so you may see your loved ones less. 

Self Care, can be anything that you do for yourself, by yourself, to make your soul happy, and your smile brighter. When you look good, you feel good. The smallest things can change your mood for the better.

For me personally, if I'm in a, not so good mood, or feeling sad, I want to treat myself to something nice, and that could be a milkshake, or makeup. 

It's understandable for people to not feel the need to buy makeup especially since masks are apart of our attire, but the Endless Beaute lipgloss, stays on even when you wear a mask. The shiny and the matte lipgloss can be worn without a full glam look. 

If you are someone whose afraid of makeup, as far as not confident with applying it, start off small. Buy 1-2 lipgloss shades. If bold lipgloss comes across as intimidating or not your style, purchase 'Snow' signature clear lipgloss , and any nude shade from 'Classic', 'Skin'-shiny nude ,

'Send Nudes'-Matte Nude .

Those shades go well with every skin tone.

If you have a special weekend approaching and you want to step out of our comfort zone, you can purchase 'Princess'- a subtle sheer shimmer shiny gloss, 

 'Snob'-pink matte shade , or 'Libra'-deep shiny red perfect for Fall.

If you wear strip lashes and want something to wear everyday you can wear 'Serene' lightweight, short, natural lash

If you want something for your full face makeup look but not too long, you can't go wrong with 'Intuition'

When it comes to lashes, not everyone is into the 'Instagram' look, so having options is very important for Beaute Babes.

Hope you love the Self Care Collection and normalize luxury in your life. It's a mindset.

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