Keep Your Lips Moisturized In The Colder Months

Keep Your Lips Moisturized In The Colder Months

In colder months, our skin cells shed. You may experience dryer skin, chapped skin, and skin peeling more than usual. This means you need to have a skin care regimen that you do every morning and night or just every morning.

In order for your makeup to apply flawlessly, you need to make sure your skin care routine is on point.

Endless Beaute now has Natural Sugar Lip Scrub. This will help your lips to be more naturally pink, soft, and smooth. This scrub will also help your favorite lipgloss apply flawless, and not rigidly. 


Watermelon- will make your lips hydrated , enhances your natural pinkness in your lips and shows the natural shine.

Coconut- gets rid of the dry, flaky chapped skin, a natural ingredient with versatile use. 

How To Use: Use this sugar lip scrub 1-2 times a week. Use the spoon applicator provided with the scrub, or you can use your clean finger and wipe the scrub onto your top and bottom lip as if you're applying vaseline. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes and then rinse with a damp wash cloth. Apply your favorite lipgloss.

It's important to exfoliate your lips 1-2 times a week, as this will help any moisturizer get into your skin, rather than just sit on your lips. When you don't exfoliate, your moisturizer isn't serving its purpose and that maybe why you have to keep reapplying your moisturizer throughout the day. 

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